Vegetarian Walnut Meatballs Recipe

Vegetarian Walnut Meatballs with Green Garden Herbs

If you’re anything like me, then Italian food is always welcome at your table. For me and my family, a tasty pasta dinner is enjoyed all throughout the year. A simple penne with pesto or tomato sauce for a weeknight dinner, homemade pasta for special celebrations or comforting lasagna for chilly, Sunday nights.

As a longtime vegetarian, I’m always looking for healthy ways to serve family favorites that everyone will enjoy. These walnut meatballs are meaty without the meat, a delicious way to dress up your favorite pasta dinner. The combination of both white beans and walnuts means that these vegetarian balls are a great source of fiber, plant-based protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

They are also the perfect pantry meal, as they get plenty of Italian flavor from the freeze dried herbs from Green Garden. I’m a huge fan of freeze dried herbs in my house as I don’t have to worry about fresh herbs going bad before I’m able to use them all. This cuts down on grocery expenses without having to sacrifice flavor.

Once you start cooking with freeze dried herbs, you see how easy they are to use in your favorite recipes! These meatballs feature Italian classics like basil, garlic, oregano and parsley. I’m using 1/2 teaspoon of each in this recipe, but feel free to up to 1 teaspoon of each herb for more potent Italian flavor.

Preparing Vegetarian Walnut Meatballs

After mixing everything in the food processor, allow the dough to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. This will let the flavors blend together and allow for easier shaping. To get the same crispy crust that’s on traditional meatballs, I recommend drizzling the prepared meatballs with olive oil or an olive-oil spray before cooking.

Enjoy these walnut meatballs on their own, or tucked into your favorite pasta and sauce. I highly recommend penne and a simple marinara sauce with extra parmesan on top. Buon appetito!

Vegetarian Walnut Meatballs on a baking tray

Vegetarian Walnut Meatballs Recipe

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Course: DinnerCuisine: Italian

Vegetarian Walnut Meatballs! These tasty walnut meatballs are delicious and fairly simple to make. These baked meatballs are perfect for an easy and delicious weeknight meal. Made with pantry staples like canned beans, walnuts and Green Garden Organic Freeze Dried herbs. Serve them as is, or alongside your favorite pasta dish with red sauce, Alfredo or pesto!


  • 15 can can white cannellini beans, rinsed and drained

  • 3/4 cup walnuts, chopped

  • 1/4 cup red onion, chopped

  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese

  • 1/3 cup bread crumbs

  • 1/2 teaspoon Green Garden Organic Freeze Dried Basil

  • 1/2 teaspoon Green Garden Organic Freeze Dried Oregano

  • 1/2 teaspoon Green Garden Organic Freeze Dried Parsley

  • 1/2 teaspoon Green Garden Organic Freeze Dried Garlic

  • 1 large Egg

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


  • Place the cannelloni beans, walnuts and onion in the base of a food processor and pulse until finely chopped.
  • Add in the cheese, bread crumbs, herbs, egg and salt and pulse together until combined; the mixture should be fairly smooth with some walnut texture. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes; this will make it easier to shape.
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Shape into balls and place onto a lightly greased baking sheet. Spray with olive oil, or drizzle with more olive oil on top of the shaped balls.
  • Cook for 20 minutes; rotating halfway through for more even baking. Remove and serve! Delicious with pasta and red sauce.