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Plant-Based · Committed to Transparency · Employee-Owned

The Green
Garden Story

Who we are

Green Garden was created to serve those who live authentically… those who live in the world as it is – natural, simple and intriguing. We strive to offer reasons for bringing friends and family together in order to enjoy what they have and what could be.

We are proud to be 100% Employee-Owned, where through hard work every employee shares in the reward of building this great brand. Our people are empowered to make decisions that improve your experience, and every aspect of our business is handled by an owner who will go the extra-mile to provide you the best possible service.

Green Garden is proud to be a Litehouse, Inc. brand.

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Our Mission

Empowering people to choose
plant-based foods easily and every day.

Our Commitment

Transparency & Community

Commitment to

We believe consumers have a right to know detailed information about the ingredients that make up the products they consume. That’s why we’ve undertaken an initiative to begin putting some of Green Garden products on the blockchain to provide an added layer of ingredient information specific to your product in hand. Our commitment to transparency starts here.

5% Planting the Future

At Green Garden, we donate 5% of our net income to support planet-focused youth initiatives. We strive to invest in a sustainable future for the next generation, and the one after that. To care for the well-being of communities near and dear, and very far away. When the goal of one aligns with the good of many, change is not just possible. It’s unstoppable. Come grow with us!

Small Change
Big Shift

We believe small changes can equal a big shift. It’s a balancing act between taking care of our own needs and being sensitive to the collective needs of others – our families, our communities, our planet. No matter what, there’s a sustained desire for better: to eat better, to be better, to do better for the world we share. With Green Garden, you don’t have to sacrifice what matters to you – amazing taste while on your plant-based planet journey.

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We are commited to being transparent about the ingredients in our products and where they came from.