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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your products plant-based/vegan?
Yes! All Green Garden products are plant-based and vegan.
Are all of your products gluten-free?
Yes! All Green Garden products are gluten-free.
Are all of your products Non-GMO?
Yes! All Green Garden products are non-GMO.
Do all of your products have 0g added sugar?
Yes! All Green Garden Products have 0g added sugar.
Where can I find Green Garden products?
Our dressings are found in the produce department, in the refrigerated set. Head over to our product locator and type in your zip code to find the store nearest you that carries the flavor you are looking for. If you cannot find it, please make a special request from your local grocery store and contact our consumer services so we can advise our sales team. Your voice does count!
How do I use your Freeze Dried Herbs?
There are so many uses for our Freeze Dried Herbs! You can sprinkles them on a dish as a garnish, use in soups and stews, saute in oil, add to rubs and marinates, all without the hassel of chopping. Use just as you would fresh herbs.

Allergies & Diets

Do Green Garden products contain allergens?

Green Garden products that contain allergen(s) have the allergen(s) listed in the ingredient statement. We encourage you to read the ingredient list, which can be found on the product packaging and on the respective product detail page on our website, to check for allergens.

We have an allergen control program to prevent cross contact from allergenic material within the production facility. This program manages controls at all steps in the process including receiving, storage, handling, prepping, mixing, packaging and sanitation. The Sanitation program is annually validated at multiple sites on each line to verify that all allergens present in the facility are removed during cleaning processes, preventing the possibility of cross contact with non-allergen containing items. The Allergen control program is audited annually by our certification body and complies with all applicable government regulations.

Which Green Garden products are gluten-free?
Which Green Garden products are non-GMO?


Does Green Garden have a parent company?
Yes – Green Garden is part of the Litehouse family of brands. Learn more here.
Are you hiring?
Yes! To learn more and apply, visit our Careers page.
Do you give tours?
We sure do…virtual tours that is. Litehouse has 6 facilities located in Sandpoint, Idaho – Lowell, Michigan – Hurricane, Utah, where we make our cheese, dairy products, dressings, dips and sauces. Click here for a peek at how our award winning artisan blue cheese is handcrafted.
Do you have other brands besides Green Garden?
Yes! We have a portfolio of brands including Litehouse, Sky Valley, Organicville, and Veggiecraft.
How can I follow you on social media?
You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, @eatgreengarden.

Discontinued Products

What happened to Green Garden Mayo, Dressing and Dips?
We are sorry to say that although these were excellent products and had a loyal following, they were one of the slower moving items at the retail stores. For this reason, they was discontinued from the grocery shelves, and consequently from our line of products.

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We are commited to being transparent about the ingredients in our products and where they came from.